Heather Kanillopoolos Photography | Kelly and Gerry's Wedding Photography Registry

Welcome to Kelly and Gerry's wedding photography registry!

No one needs two toasters- but all of us want to preserve gorgeous memories from our wedding day. I'm glad to see that you're the type of savvy giver that's into giving something that will really be cherished for life!

Kelly and Gerry will think of you every time they hang that print or canvas, flip through that album or accordion book, or use that gift certificate. When you purchase a gift from this registry, you will receive a thank you gift in the form of a complimentary digital download voucher, which will allow you to download any high-resolution image you select from Kelly and Gerry's wedding or engagement photographs!

Below is more information and photographs of the lovely options that Kelly and Gerry have registered for (also available, but not pictured, are gift certificates, which are redeemable for any product or service that I offer).

INSTRUCTIONS: Use the button below to select your option, and follow the instructions given to pay online with Credit Card or Paypal. After making payment, you will receive a purchase confirmation and your complimentary voucher, and Kelly and Gerry will be notified of the gift and its sender. 

If you have questions, or would like to arrange a payment by check, please contact me directly at 734-649-4279 or hk@irememberforever.com.

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